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How Each Chapter of the Bhagavadgita is a Yoga?

Bhagavadgita is termed traditionally as Brahmavidyā, knowledge of Brahman, and also Yogaśāstra, the scripture of Yoga. The former indicates the goal of the Gita, that is, the Knowledge of Atman or Brahman, while the latter in general points out the method to be adopted to reach the goal as taught in the Gita, that is, yoga. In traditional language, Brahmavidyā is sādhya, which is to be attained, and the yoga is sādhana, the mode to be adopted.

From Underperformance to Beyond performance

We undertake to perform and often underperform. We aim to do a task and have the confidence and ability to do it. However, we have hurdles to tackle. The biggest hurdle is that of lack of clarity. That in turn leads to fear, delusion, and confusion. We get confused about our aims, our confidence wavers, […]

Yoga: The Technology of Mind Management

— Swami Narasimhananda — The mind is the key to everything. Without the mind, we cannot accomplish anything. All our sense organs need the mind to complete the process of gathering information or knowledge from the outside world. The human mind is indeed a fine instrument. But, this is only the positive side. When one tries to use the mind […]